Learning Materials


Each of the bottom-up approaches described in the Knowledge Platform are complex and nuanced concepts. To better support your understanding, we've assembled a number of resources that provide more in-depth explanations of each methodology. These resources will be updated as the state of the art evolves and more content is made publicly available.

This library of publications can provide more technical understanding behind the approaches described in the Knowledge Platform. As more studies are published and bottom-up approaches are demonstrated, this collection will evolve over time.

Bottom-up approaches are often technical and complex. How do you know which approach to use? What do these methods look like when applied to real-world cases? This collection of videos will serve to provide explanations and examples of the bottom-up climate adaptation approaches described throughout the site. More videos will be added over time.

New to the podcast universe, the "ClimateReady" Podcast features interviews and segments on emerging trends in the intersection of climate and water. Experts in policy, engineering, finance, and other sectors will provide cutting-edge perspectives and narratives on climate adaptation challenges and opportunities. The podcast will be available on iTunes or directly through the Knowledge Platform site.

This collection of case studies demonstrates examples of successful BUA implementation across the globe. Each case utilizes components of bottom-up approaches within the planning, decision making, and/or implementation processes. Browse through these case studies using the interactive map, or search for specific terms to find examples relevant to your interests.

The AGWA Guide is a resource for individuals and institutions interested in learning about how to mainstream climate adaptation into water resources management. It is available for use as an interactive webpage or as a PDF document. It builds explicitly on a previous AGWA publication -- Beyond Downscaling: A Bottom-Up Approach to Climate Adaptation for Water Resources Management. The AGWA Guide is intended to serve as more of a self-exploration guide to the broader literature, providing detailed descriptions of current thinking and implementation on these approaches.

About the Knowledge Platform

The Knowledge Platform is designed to promote and showcase an emerging set of approaches to water resources management that address climate change and other uncertainties -- increasing the use of "bottom-up approaches" through building capacity towards implementation, informing relevant parties, engaging in discussion, and creating new networks. This is an ongoing project of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) funded by the World Bank Group.

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