This page is under construction. The podcasts available below are placeholders from the "Star Talk Radio" podcast. Check back soon to see when we release the first few episodes of our own ClimateReady Podcast.


New to the podcast universe, the "ClimateReady" Podcast features interviews and segments on emerging trends in the intersection of climate and water. Experts in policy, engineering, finance, and other sectors will provide cutting-edge perspectives and narratives on climate adaptation challenges and opportunities. The podcast will be available on iTunes or directly through the Knowledge Platform site.

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Ep. 1 - Climate Adaptation Crash Course

In the inaugural episode of the ClimateReady Podcast, we interview Doug Parsons, host of the America Adapts Podcast. We discuss the challenges and opportunities in communicating adaptation issues to diverse audiences. The conversation turns to some key concepts in adaptation/mitigation fields, laying the groundwork for future episodes.

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Ep. 2 - Decision Making Under Uncertainty

This episode of the ClimateReady Podcast focuses on the uncertainty so often found in the decision making processes related to water management. Climate change, demographic shifts, political and socioeconomic changes all introduce levels of uncertainty that must be dealt with. Dr. Marjolijn Haasnoot of Deltares discusses how this is being addressed through bottom-up methodologies, including a process known as "Adaptation Pathways."

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About the Knowledge Platform

The Knowledge Platform is designed to promote and showcase an emerging set of approaches to water resources management that address climate change and other uncertainties -- increasing the use of "bottom-up approaches" through building capacity towards implementation, informing relevant parties, engaging in discussion, and creating new networks. This is an ongoing project of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) funded by the World Bank Group.

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